When the Chicago Setback turned Pro they were Billed as American and they got this part in the Film I was rather emotional incompiling this Video as Del was my Brother-in-Law and we were Close He passed away in 1990 and is sadly missed

In the Sixities the cost to see the Chicargo Setback was the same price to See David Bowie I found a Web Site with Del's group mentioned known then as Max Baer's Chicargo Setback scroll down the site and you will find Max Baer's Chicago Setback For all you that don't know 5/- = 25 pence explore the site and see Famous names


Lead Singer   Max Baer
Lead Guita r Alex
Bass Guitar  Del
Saxes  Ray and Jack
Drums  John

John has kindly wrote a Bio on the Group

We were on the road initially as Max Baer and the Chicago Setback after playing in pubs and gigging as Amber World I think. The name Chicago Setback was given to us by a big West End Agent who was supposed to produce a record with us. He paid to make a “rhythm track”  and took that to the record company, basically to see if it was worth investing to finish it off! That’s like taking a charcoal drawing up to see if it’s worth colouring it in to produce a masterpiece. Whilst we were under his wing, I got the gig for the film, as I was working at Twickenham film studios and heard the Director of Dirk Bogart’s film, Sebastian David Greene,  was looking for a band for the disco scene and I approached him, as he wasn’t happy with the band that they were looking at, at the time. I knew of them they were a trio and fantastic! But not right for the job as far as he was concerned and I put the job through our “Management” I believe we got a few hundred quid and the management made a few thousand Due to this and other people who shafted  us we had about a year as poor, skint professionals and had to go back to our day jobs cos we were skint! I hope they enjoyed the money, we saw F.A.

Back to the pubs part time then, playing three or four nights a week to supplement our wages as Amber World. Then the tax man wanted their cut (despite all the losses we incurred during our year or so on the road)

Getting about £8 a man a night three nights a week, we paid up and changed our name. While discussing the choice, I said it don’t matter what we call ourselves as far as the tax man’s concerned we could be Joe Bloggs. So we went for that! I probably owe HMRC 27 quid truth be known.

I found this old Poster on an Auction Site CLICK HERE